Great Uncle Curtis as a young pup.

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(11-12-2003 )

  • Added a weblog called Sixty Frames for movie and book reviews.

Favorite Stuff

No one can have a web-page without a long list of links to things they find interesting. Mine are on the not-so-surprisingly named Links Page.


Ok, so Tom might have rolled a few dice in his time. Other than Lords of the Earth, which has its whole own section here on the Throne site, Tom runs (moderates) RPG (role-playing game) campaigns in the Nihongi, Micea and the Babylon Five game-worlds.

He's done some work for Wizards of the Coast (Mysterious Ways, appearing in Dungeon #86.), which led into the creation of the Beyond Jerusalem campaign pack.

He's also guilty of running Western Rome in Lords Two. And Egypt in Four, and the Yellow Hats in Thirty-One, and Great Anambwe in Cruenti Dei.


Tom is working mighty hard at escaping the dreadful world of computer consulting and systems development into a happy and blood-stained existence as a professional writer (adventure novels, fantasy/science-fiction, westerns, what have you...). He currently has a series coming out from Tor Books - the Oath of Empire cycle.

Family and Friends

There are some folks who are related to Tom, and they do some mighty interesting stuff. There's a dad and a mom and a girl. Pretty shocking, huh?

Other Things

I really don't think that you can have a web-page without having a fan-boy tribute page. So here's mine - a tribute to the Wit and Wisdom of Cordelia and Willow from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV show. Also the Halloween2000 page.