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(12-11-2003 ) Consolidated all of the Crusader Earth materials into one master page.

What the Heck is this?

Gaming, either Interactive Strategy Gaming (which is where you engage in a competitive game with multiple other players scattered around the nation and the world) or Role-Playing (where you get together with two to ten of your buds and tell a story improvisationally with the guidance of a game-master), is one of the things that occupies a fair amount of Tom's time.

Games tend to have specific backgrounds (game worlds) and genres (horror, SF, historical). Tom's most recent campaigns (extended story lines in a given game world) have been:

Crusader Earth

A D20-system gameworld set in a fantasy-variant Holy Land set just after the First Crusade. Contains a campaign pack (Beyond Jerusalem), a two-part module (Mysterious Ways), various NPCs and a set of short stories which appeared in Dragon magazine featuring the NPC characters and the game-world.

Tales of Nihongi

This campaign was set in Feudal Japan and starred Girl Team. I had run Boy Team for so long it was starting to hurt my brain and I needed a change. Boy, did I get one!

Lords of the Earth

In addition to being the game designer for this Play-by-Mail game, Tom plays in a game or two. This is his page for Western Rome in Lords Two.

Empires In Arms

Robert Giffords is running a play-by-email game of Empires in Arms (Sharpe) and is slugging it out in another (Pasha).

Great War In Europe

Colin Dunnigan has compiled and consolidated an up-to-date rulebook for XTR's GREAT WAR IN EUROPE (including the Middle East expansion). This is a pretty cool game covering World War One.

It's available in Word97 format and PDF.

The Rimworld Ventures Expeditions

This is an science-fiction game world set in the Babylon Five universe (a TV show on the TNT network, created by Joe Straczynski for the Warner Brothers PTEN consortium). The players are employees of the Rimworld Ventures corporation, an Earth-based xenoarchaeological concern with an office on the Babylon Five station.

The Rise of the Hűkun

This is a fantasy game world populated by anthropomorphics (fuzzy animals that walk upright and have thumbs). The players were, at first, newly inducted members of the Seven Cities League Iron Legion. Later, after getting into a lot of trouble, they were wandering mercenaries. This game used a fusion ruleset based on both the Steve Jackson Games GURPS system and on Chaosium Game's Pendragon.

Legends of the Past... (Warning! Lots of graphics on this page)

Since Tom's been doing this kind of gaming since junior high, he has many skeletons in the closet. Some of his previous games are summarized here.