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Nihongi ~ The Daughters of Mara

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(08-13-1998) This campaign is currently in abeyance (again) due to Tom's massive deadline time crunch.

Nihongi is my Micea-system Japanese / Samurai campaign (currently running) with the Girl Team. It is set in late Warring States Japan (1715's). Our heroes are a band of women Samurai -- their family has had only daughters for generations and has been forced to make do with the girl-children being raised as men -- who have been summoned home to resolve a mystery: all of the men in their home valley have disappeared.

Previous Nihongi adventures were The Wrath of Shoku-Dosha and The City of Ghosts, which were Boy Team adventures.

The action is set (mostly) in the mountains of Shinano province in north-eastern Honshu.

Here's a copy of the Character Sheet we use (in Excel97).

Girl Team is composed of:

Melissa Giffords

Ishikawa Yoshisune, age 16 (twin), ("fire twin") Squeaker

 [ melissa_giffords.jpg ]

Betsy Hasman

Ishikawa Toritomo, age 16 (twin), ("water twin") Princess

 [ bad surveillance photo ]

Terry Flores

Ishikawa Yoshisuni, age 19, Nature Girl

 [ terry_flores.jpg ]

Ellen Bennett

Midori Pittising, age 21, Cousin


Annita Harlan

Ishikawa Yasumori, age 21, Eldest


Bonnie Hudsick

Taira Saito, age 34, Raven

Menachem Turchick

Zatoichi the blind mendicant, age 42.


Sanjo - a ronin that joined our heroes at Temuzen Shrine on the Tokaido Road just west of Edo. Expert with the bow.

Gorobei - Sanjo's partner, another rootless wandering mercenary. A spear- and bow-man.

Rocky - a large and dissolute swordsman that took up with Zatoichi due to the good food to be had.  

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