Crusader Earth
A historical-fantasy D20 system world

News (11/12/2003)

All available Crusader Earth materials collected in one place!


Crusader Earth is a D20 (D&D 3rd Edition) game world set on (mostly) historical Earth, in the Holy Land, just following the capture of Jerusalem by the Western Christians of the First Crusade. Most of the areas of action described in the Mysterious Ways module and the Campaign Pack are in Edom and Moab, beyond the Jordan river, east of Jerusalem.

The short stories featuring Harold Godwinson and Theodora occur in Jerusalem, Constantinople, Petra and all points in between...

Game Materials

Short Stories and Articles

  • Giants in the Earth: Strangers in Bethlehem in Dragon #284 (Jun 2001)
  • Mysterious Ways in Dungeon #86 (May/Jun 2001)
  • Theodora's Ladder in Dragon #308
  • Giants in the Earth: Theodora in Dragon #308
  • Pilgrim's Test in Dragon #284
  • The Tomb in Dragon #296
  • Chalice of Life: The Leper's Hand in Dragon #314
  • Chalice of Life: Hecate's Ring in Dragon #315
  • Chalice of Life: The Kalif's Coffin in Dragon #316
  • Chalice of Life: Altar of Duzara in Dragon #317


  • Sir Harold Godwinson (Crusader Knight, by Dennis Cramer)
  • Golonza di Baratti (conujurer, by Dennis Cramer)
  • Fingold Torfinson (Ruthenian woodsrunner, by Dennis Cramer)
  • The Petrans