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The Ephesus Incident | The Obsidian Eye | A Rumor of War

The Girl Team at Halloween (as the Rimworld Ventures Kyklades Team) plus the Cruel and Capricious God


The Ephesus Incident

I'm running two different groups (Girl Team and Boy Team) through this adventure. It's very interesting to see how each group deals with the same basic problems. The Boy Team, of course, had managed to destroy its various means of transportation and is currently stranded on Ephesus III. Girl Team, after a long struggle, managed to escape with the data and themselves alive (mostly) and intact. The little tree did not die.

 Character Generation

Rules (in HTML)

 Rules (in Word97)

 Character Sheet

In Excel97 Format

 Rimworld Ventures Briefing

 Delos and Kyklades Briefs

The Obsidian Eye

This was an adventure pack proposal for Chameleon Eclectic's The Babylon Project role-playing game system set in the Babylon Five universe. B5 is a TV show produced and written by Joe Straczynski through the Warner Brother's PTEN consortium and now the TNT cable network. The Babylon Project has been released, but sales have been so poor that no further supplements have been released. I fear that this proposal will never go.

However, my gaming group in Tucson was playtesting the adventure, so you can check out the game-log of their adventures:

  • The Obsidian Eye game-log in HTML format. Warning! GIANT GRAPHICS!
  • Rimworld Ventures briefing information for the exploration team.
  • At the request of a Norwegian Babylon Project group, the GM's pack for The Obsidian Eye. (Word97, 2 MB). Claus and his boys are running through the adventure now.
  • A gaming group in German (Gerd und Tanya) is also running in Obsidian Eye and Kyklades Mission.