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The great three-sided war continues, Rome against Persia against the tribes of the desert now commanded by Mohammed of Mekkah. The tide is turning against the Eastern Empire - Emperor Heraclius lies bedridden in Constantinople and his brother Theodore prepares to meet the rebels of the Decapolis in a great battle. In the West, Rome lies devastated by the long-pent eruption of Vesuvius. The Persian general Shahr-Baraz has secured the Peacock Throne and looks west, again, seeking to secure peace through victory.

But there is hope for the West. Prince Maxian, horrified at being the cause of so many deaths, has come to realize that the Oath need not be broken; it can be changed by a skilled sorcerer. In Judea, young Dwyrin is coming into his full powers, honed by sorcerous combat with his friend Odenathus, who now leads the shattered remnants of the army of Palmyra. And among the Goths north of the Danuvius, a new legion is being forged by a very old general.

A Note From the Author

The initial version of Storm proved to be too long to fit the price-point Tor wanted to deliver to the public, so about 300 pages of manuscript were removed to make the book a salable length. You can read these missing scenes (and entire plot-lines) on the [ Storm Deletions ] page.

Billy Payne has drawn a nine-page mini comic covering part of one chapter of Storm of Heaven: A Hill Above the Plain of Scamander.

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