The Storm of Heaven

Scenes or events removed from the final manuscript. Last updated on 02/29/2004 . Hmm... looks a lot like a whole book! All sections (c) Thomas Harlan 2000.

Section Index

  1. Below Pergamum, on the Asian Shore
  2. The Plains of Scythia, somewhere east of Tanais
  3. The Funeral of Sahul
  4. The Baths of Trajan, Roma Mater
  5. Siscia, Magna Gothica
  6. The District of the Cisterns, Constantinople
  7. The Island of Thira, Somewhere in the Aegean
  8. The Gulf of Finike
  9. The Crown of Thira
  10. The Walls of Aelia Capitolina
  11. Chersonesus, a Port on the Sea of Darkness
  12. The Wine Dark Sea, The Lee Shore of Thira
  13. The Ludus Magnus, Roma Mater
  14. Chalcedon, The Asian shore of the Propontis
  15. Off Sestus, the European Shore of the Propontis
  16. Troesemis, Summer Capital of the Avar Khaganate
  17. The old Camp of the Tenth Legion

  18. Within the crown of Thira
  19. The sub-urbs of Constantinople
  20. The Villa of Narses
  21. The Acropolis of Constantinople
  22. The Circus Maximus, Roma Mater
  23. The Plain of Mars, before Constantinople
  24. Constantinople