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Reference Books

  • The Jews of Khazaria (Kevin Brook)
  • The Blue Guide to Istanbul (John Ferry)
  • The Blue Guide to Jordan (Rollin and Steely)
  • Let's Go: Turkey (Semra Mesulam)
  • Chronicle of the Chinese Emperors (Anne Paludian)
  • The Late Roman Army (Southern & Dixon)
  • World Religions (Ed. Geoffrey Parrinder)
  • The Roman Engineers (L.A. and J.A. Hamey)
  • Osprey: Rome's Enemies ~ The Desert Frontier (Nicolle)
  • Osprey: Romano-Byzantine Armies (4th-9th C.) (Nicolle)
  • Osprey: Yarmuk 636 AD (Nicolle)
  • Osprey: Rome's Enemies ~ Parthians and Sassanid Persia (Wilcox)
  • Osprey: Byzantine Armies (866-1118) (Heath)
  • Osprey: Rome's Enemies ~ Germans and Dacians (Wilcox)
  • Osprey: Rome's Enemies ~ Gaels and Celts (Wilcox)
  • Arcana Mundi (Georg Luck)
  • Roman Arabia (Bowerstock)
  • The Persians (Bausani)
  • A Popular Dictionary of Islam (Netton)
  • The Romans (Christ)
  • The Koran (Penguin Books paperback)
  • The Art of War (Sun Tzu)
  • History Begins At Sumer (Samuel Noah Kramer)
  • Empire of the Steppes (Grousset)

If you like Oath of Empire, it's very likely that you'll like these books:

  • Lindsey Davis' Falco series.
  • The Roma Sub Rosa series, including Rubicon (Steven Saylor)
  • The Iliad and the Odyssey (Homer, via Robert Fagles ~ a fabulous translation)


  • Penguin Historical Atlas of Ancient Rome (Scarre)
  • Atlas of the Roman World (Cornell & Matthews)


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