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News! ( 10-Oct-2008 )

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What is "In the time of the Sixth Sun"?

General Background Note! The cover blurb on Wasteland of Flint indicates the events of the book take place only 500 years after the Méxica encounter the Japanese. This is entirely untrue! The Japanese refugees (the Nisei) arrive in North America in about AD 1200, and the events of Wasteland (and following books) occurs in the AD 2400's. So over a thousand years have passed...

Unlike Oath of Empire, which is set in an alternate past, the Sixth Sun novels are set in an alternate future and past. The books of the Sixth Sun take place in the "Core" Universe Thomas developed for the games Skies of Tenocha, Core, Corewars, and GURPS:Hellspace. These books will be hard-SF archaeological mystery/space combat stories.

Need a reference to the people, places and things of the Sixth Sun universe? See the Concordance.

Two of the primary characters will be Mitsuharu Hadeishi (a Terran Federation lieutenant commander, serving aboard the Imperial Méxica Navy Astronomer-class destroyer Henry Cornuelle) and a University of New Canberra xeno-archaeologist, Gretchen Anderssen. They have some interesting adventures.
Wasteland of Flint was published in hardback in 2003. House of Reeds came out in hardback in 2004. Land of the Dead will be out in 2009.

The Time of the Sixth Sun is published by Tor Books.

For the Lords of the Earth fanatics out there, the Core Universe is a projected future history of Campaign One.

In the beginning was the First Sun,
4-Water was its sign;
It was called the Sun of Water.
For water covered the world,
Leaving nothing but dragonflies above
And fishy men below.

The Second Sun was born,
4-Jaugar was its sign;
This was called the Sun of the Jaguars.
In this Sun the heavens collapsed,
So that the Sun could not move in its course.
The world darkened, and when all was dark
Then the people were devoured.

The Giants perished, giving life to the Third Sun.
4-Rain was its sign;
It was called the Sun of Rain.
For this Sun rained fire from bleeding eyes
And the people were consumed.

From the torrent of burning stones,
The Fourth Sun was born.
4-Wind was its sign, and it was called the Sun of Wind.
In this Sun, all which stood on the earth was carried
Away by terrible winds.
The people were turned into monkeys,
and scattered from their cities into the forest.

Now, by sacrifice of the divine liquid, the Fifth Sun was born.
Its sign was 4-Motion.
As the Sun moved, following a course,
The ancients called it the Sun of Motion.
In the time of this Sun, there were
Great earthquakes and famine,
No maize grew, and the gods of the field
Turned their eyes from the people.
And all the people grew thin, and perished.

The Lord of Heaven cut the heart from his living son,
And so was born the Sixth Sun, which sustains
The universe with infinite light.
Its sign was 4-Flint.
Those who watch the sky say this Sun
Will end in annihilation, when the flint-knife
Severs the birthcord of the Sun, plunging all
Into darkness, where the people will
Be cut to pieces and scattered.

This is the time of the Sixth Sun…

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