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News! (20-Oct-2008)

HOUSE OF REEDS (Acatlcalli) is an SF/military-action novel set in a moderately high-tech future. It focuses on the adventures of Gretchen Andersson (a human xeno-archaeologist working for the Company), Commander Mitsuharu Hadeishi (commander of the Imperial Méxica Navy light cruiser Henry R.. Cornuelle), and Prince Tezozómoc (youngest son of the ruling Méxica Emperor) on the planet Jagan, where a war is brewing among the native princes against a steadily increasing Imperial presence.

While various Imperial factions have their own plans for Jagan, a hidden, alien power has begun to move against the human-ruled Empire of the Méxica. The war on Jagan is only a foretaste of the greater struggle to come.

The background setting is an alternate history – the Méxica (Aztec) Empire rules humanity from Anahuac (Earth) – in a dangerous universe filled with hidden inhuman powers. Humanity is only a minor space-faring species on the fringe of a ferociously political arena where ancient and enormous alien empires are engaged in millennia-old struggles for supremacy.

Read the first five chapters of HOUSE OF REEDS.

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