Rimworld Ventures Briefing Materials


Four months ago, an Interstellar Expeditions party led by the notable exo-anthropologist Dr. Vance Hendricks returned to Babylon Five in the company of his assistant, Nelson Drake. Hendricks had been to Ikara only a short while before. Apparently, during that time he managed to enter an Ikaran command bunker left over from the time of the Invasions and retrieved a box of Late Invasion period Ikaran manufacture. The box, along with several other Ikaran artifacts, was smuggled onto Babylon Five by Drake in direct contravention of the Exo-Biologicals Act of 2098. This proved to be ill-advised as within a day of arriving at the "safe haven" of the station, Drake was exposed to some mechanism in the box and transformed into the Twelfth Warrior of Ikara. As per the attached station log transcript (see appendix) the Warriors of Ikara were designed to safeguard their homeworld against non-Ikaran invaders. Once loosed upon the station, the Warrior attempted to execute its programming by slaughtering any non-Ikaran that it could find. This led to wide-spread devastation on the station before the Warrior could be stopped.



Following the troubles caused by the Hendricks Expediton on Babylon Five and the threat of further such incidents, Earth Force and the Mimbari government announced an exclusion zone around the Ikaran home system. There is only one jump-gate within immediate travel time of Ikara and that gate is now locked to specific Earth Alliance and Mimbari fleet frequencies. At last report, an Earth Alliance corvette was taking its turn on in-system patrol within Ikaran space. It is also believed that there are remote probes deployed within the system to detect ships attempting to make landfall on Ikara Seven -- the homeworld.



On the other hand, Rho Triangulis is not within the Exclusion Zone, being some nineteen light years distant from the Ikaran home star. It is a cool brown dwarf system, with six planets. There are known Ikaran installations on two of those planets -- the fourth, a water-oxygen world that apparently housed an Ikaran colony before its destruction in the Invasions -- and the sixth, which is a hydrogen heavy gas giant with a collection of thirteen moons. One of these moons, Wuteru in the Ikaran dialect of the system, at one time housed a methane ice mining facility and, we believe, other construction facilities. While the fourth planet was heavy damaged in the invasions, the Wuteru facility seems to have been abandoned. It is the hope of the Research Division that you will be able to find relatively undamaged and intact examples of Ikaran technology thereon.



It is clear from the aftermath of the Hendricks Expedition that the Ikarans were masters of bio-technology; particularly organic weapon and power systems. Currently there is a great demand in Earth, Narn and Centauri space for this technology. To this end, the "Concern" has decided to launch an extensive investigation into the periphery of Ikaran space. Note that we, like all other exploration firms, are barred from Ikara itself due to the dangerous nature of the technologies there. Our research scientists, however, have come up with a possible solution to this problem. Many Ikaran technologies seem to be based on a genetic identifier, or key, that could only be possessed by a living Ikaran. Without being able to provide this "key", we will be unable to win the permission of EarthForce to send expeditions into Ikaran space. Your mission is to enter the Rho Triangulis system and examine the mining station on the moon Wuteru for any computer records or, if possible, organic samples of Ikaran DNA. If such can be safely retrieved, the "Concern" will then use the samples or records to build an android that matches the Ikaran genetic makeup. Once outfitted with such a device, we will be able to safely investigate the Ikaran homeworld.

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