Babylon Five: A Rumor of War

The Proposal | Chapter One

What It Is

Babylon Five is an SF Warner Brothers TV series now carried by TNT networks . The life, times and adventures of the command staff and crew of the space-station B5 are chronicled over a five year period. Tied together by a continuous chronology (or story arc) that allows empires to flourish and die, races to pass away and be reborn, people to live and to die, and the universe to be changed forever, B5 is one of the finest TV shows ever made.

I was a fan from the moment I read the first interview / preview with Joe Straczynski, the show's creator. I've followed it for the past seven years as it debuted, struggled, prospered and now flourishes in syndication on TNT.

When I heard that Dell Books was going to be doing tie-in novels set in the B5 Universe I began working on a proposal for a novel - unfortunately it took me a long time to get it together and I missed my window by a couple weeks.

Dell then lost the contract rights for the books to Del Rey and under the new regime they are not accepting submissions from off the street, so this is a dead project.

As such, I can show it to you:

The proposal itself, consisting of character notes and a chapter-by-chapter outline of the story.

The first chapter, to show that I can stick some words together and make some kind of mental image appear in your mind.

It's a pity this did not sell, I had a great time writing the outline and would have had an even better time writing the book itself!

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