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Oath of Empire is a series of four alternate history/fantasy books (Shadow of Ararat, Gate of Fire, Storm of Heaven, The Dark Lord) which follow the adventures of a handsome Roman prince (Maxian), an Irish lad (Dwyrin MacDonald), a young Latin woman (Thyatis Julia Clodia) and an Egyptian priest (Ahmet) through triumph, trouble and epic conflict between the Roman and Persian Empires in the 7th century AD.

Oath of Empire has love, romance, slaughter, intrigue, enormous battles, high sorcery and sacrifice... a Cinerama / De Mille movie on paper!


  • Reposted the link to the YahooGroups mailing list.
  • Hardback editions of SHADOW, GATE and STORM can be purchased as a set (and autographed) from the ThroneWorld Store for only US $30 (plus shipping).
  • Some copies of the paperback of SHADOW OF ARARAT are missing pages 345 to 366. Here is the missing text.

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