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 So You Want To Be A GM?

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I'm not kidding about any of the following!

Running a Lords of the Earth campaign is not a trivial matter. If you have never run a PBM campaign before you do not have any idea of how much time and effort it can consume! As a regular matter of course, doing a turn of a game in a good state of progression can take up to 60 hours of work per turn. This is not a minor investment of time. Your partner, should you have one, will not be pleased with you if you undertake this and don't have 60 hours a month to spare.
Want to see how many bodies have fallen by the wayside? Check out the Hall of Fame (filled with the dead, too!)
Having said that, here are the minimum requirements for running a successful game:

Computer Equipment

  • A Windows-compatible computer with at least a Pentium III CPU, 256MB of RAM, 20 MB of free HD space and a VGA color monitor.

  • Windows95 or better (Windows XP is the designer's OS, so that works pretty well!).

  • Either a good InkJet or a Laser printer.

  • A starting player base of at least 25 players, with at least 15 of them who have never played Lords before.

  • Lots of time for answering questions, either by phone or email.

Licensing Fees

The licensing fee for a license for a SINGLE campaign is US $100.00. If you want to run more than one game, you pay an additional US $100.00 per game.
You can pay by check or postal money order on a US bank (in US dollars), or via the PayPal service with your credit card.
Send your licensing fee to the address listed below and you will recieve in turn:

What You Get

  • Your campaign license and Number.

  • One copy of the base LOTE maps in GIF and EPS format.

  • One copy of the LOTE Game-Master's rules.

  • One copy of the latest STATS program files, including the base-data set and the email distribution package.

  • The right to bug Thomas via email with GM'ing questions.

  • Access to the super-secret, extra-cool, all-secrets revealed GM's forum.

Where To Send Your Fees

Thomas Harlan
1270 Fir Street South
Salem, OR 97302

or by PayPal...

The Dreadful Aspect of the Game Master...


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Thomas Harlan

Campaign One, (Lords Three), (Lords Four), (Lords Five), (Black Empire), (Core), (CoreWars), (Lords 24)

Thad Plate

(Lords Nine), (Lords Ten), (Lords Eleven), (Lords Twelve), (Black Empire II) ~ now retired.

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Colin Dunnigan

Lords 2 and 19

Lorne Colmar
(Lords Seventeen, Lords One)

Dave Adams
(Lords4, Lords 10)