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News (10/17/2001 )

  • Corey House's ELords program posted.
  • Latest draft of the V4 Database Design posted (as a Word doc).

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Overall Project Objectives

  1. To build programs that make playing and administering a Lords of the Earth campaign easier.
  2. To document these systems, including current programs and applications, to make the GM's job easier.


We are using a subset of XML called MinimalXML for our data definitions, documents and parsers.

Short-term Client programs will be written in C++, Server components in Clipper 5.2e (or Harbour).

Long-term Client and Server programs will be written in Java (1.3 SE or better).

Immediate Tasks

  1. Build a minimal XML DTD (xlordsord.dtd) defining a set of Lords orders. [Robert Hanson]
  2. Add a module to the STATS program that will read in a properly formed xLordsOrd document and update - investments, city builds, public works, projects, merchant shipping allocations, trade route adjustments and initiation, and so on. This module will also print out the Leader Orders and any notes, conditionals, for the GM to process. [Thomas Harlan]
  3. Update the eLords Win32-based client program so that it will be able to generate properly formed xLordsOrd documents for turn submission. [Corey House]
  4. Build a standalone Java-based client program (orders.exe) that can generate a properly formed xLordsOrd document and then send it, via email, to a GM. This program needs to handle builds, investments, msp allocations, and so on. [Christian Richardson, Paul Flinton]
  5. Document the current STATS program. [Lorne Colmar]

Medium Term Tasks

  1. Build a minimal XML DTD (xlordsres.dtd) defining a set of Lords results (a stat sheet). [Christian Richardson]
  2. Add a module to the STATS program that generates a properly formed xLordsRes document, and emails it to the proper player. [Thomas Harlan]
  3. Update the client program (orders.exe) to read a properly formed xLordsRes document and display it for the player. This data will also feed into the New Orders module, so the player has all of their taxes, armies, etc. already entered. [Christian Richardson]
  4. Complete the new Base System database design (not specific to a platform or DBMS). [Thomas Harlan, Steve Brunt, Christian Richardson]

Long Term Tasks

  1. Build a graphic module (usable by both the Stats and Client program) that displays a live campaign map, populated off of the campaign data. [Rob Hanson]
  2. Update the Client program to use the Map module for viewing data and composing orders. [unassigned]
  3. Build a new Admin (STATS) program based on the new Base System database design. [unassigned]


  • Version 4 database model [ Word Doc ]
  • Source code for old Java-based Orders applet (with all support classes). [ zipped ]
  • The "blank" world map created by Kerry Harrison [ GIF ]
  • Corey Houses' eLords Client [ zipped ]