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Space suit.

Z-suit Functions

  • Can be worn either with a:
  • Can include a suit-comp.
  • The suit diagnostics and enviro output are displayed on the wrist.
  • The suit power cells are located in the belt.
  • The suit cargo pocket can be used to hold a v-pad.
  • The suit includes powerful lights. These can be dialled up or down in intensity, as the situation warrants.
  • The suit can include a hood, either worn with or without the z-helmet.
  • The suit includes an exterior comm for external communication; this can also be plugged into a data-port.
  • The suit boot soles can be magnetized to allow them to grip walkways on the shipskin.
  • The suit can provide an autoseal function in the event of the suit integrity being compromised.


Fleet z-suit worn with z-helmet.
Company z-suit

The suit provides data telemetry feed:

Life Support

The suits provide full life support, including:

  • A rebreather to extend operational duration.
  • Temperature maintenance and one or more layers of insulation. Thermal heaters may be included in the leg and arm pads.
  • Radiation shielding.
  • A drinking tube and a small water container.
  • A food tube providing threesquare in liquid form.
  • A recycler for bodywater recycling and disposal.

Fleet Z-suits

Fleet z-suits are state-of-the-art:

  • Matte-black in color to provide additional stealth capability.
  • Imperial Méxica Navy z-suits are made of plexisteel over a gelcore.
  • Stiffen on impact to protect the wearer.
  • Include gripper pads to ease movement across shipskin.
  • The gloves include magnetic surfaces that can be adjusted to the palms to ease movement across metallic surfaces.
  • The suit boot soles can be magnetized to allow them to grip walkways on the shipskin.
  • May be powered down to provide a minimal emissions signature.

Company Z-suits

Company z-suits are grey and tan in color, and are marked with the Company glyph.


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