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Foundation: 1695-1756 (T184-213)Dead.gif

  • Yathrib in Kosala (since 1729)
  • Amon Sûl (to 1729)

Religion: Shi'a Islam

By Rob Pierce & Martin Helsdon


Yasarid India is named after Farrukh Yasar, a former general in the Persian army. During the period of Persian history known as The Time of Troubles (1693-1698), Yasar took control of the Persian Gulf coastline regions and the Persian fleet, ostensibly on behalf of beleguered Khan Tuat Maqrizi. By the time the Khan's armies arrived to secure the regions, Yasar had taken the troops and navy under his control and instead put to sea on a quest to return Islam to the fractious battlegrounds of India.

While the armies conquered the Outreamer and the Mughal Empire in East India, such was the need to supply and finance the military machine that the venerable Persian fleet was relegated to piracy on a scale never before seen in the historically tranquil Indian Ocean. For 4 years no transport that dared venture passage across that Ocean was spared. The wrath of the Maasai, who suffered mightily from the piracy, missed the fleet, but claimed the life of Yasar (1702, T188). Negotiations between the Yasarids and Persia turned out well enough that by 1704 the navy was restored to Persian control, and grand piracy in the Indian Ocean was relegated to the past.

With Yasar's death, Nesir Al-Din took over the reins of power and led the kingdom on a path of peace and legitmate rule in east India. The return of the heirs to the Outreamer (as the Kingdom of Arthedain) in 1711 (T192) threatened renewed chaos in the subcontinent, but they feuded instead with their Hussite bretheren in Arnor. In fact, the only fighting to be had for more than a decade was in crushing a (Ice inspired?[1]) Jewish horde that erupted out of Tibet in 1715 (T194).

While the Ice War raged elsewhere in the world, Al-Din "contributed" to the Sunlander cause by "intervening" in the Hussite feud in 1727 (T199) and all but completely conquering the entirety of Arthedain. That ill fated move caused numerous neighboring powers to accuse the Yasarids (legitimately or not) of being in league with the Ice, and thus marked for destruction. The Frost Wolf, an avowed Ice supporter, not only alerted Al-Din to his plight but even offered military assitance. Al-Din, while horrified at the implications, reluctantly accepted the offer. The invaders came as predicted (Khemer and Java with Persian assitance) in 1729 (T200) and were destroyed both at sea, and with Frost Wolf troops, on land.

Unidentified African assasins succeeded in offing Nasir Al-Din where a bevy of earlier attempts had failed, and his son Abdullah became king. A subsequent flurry of (heated) diplomatic exchanges brought the war to a hasty end in 1731 (T201) and saw the remains of the Frost Wolf troops vanish back into the Himalayas.

No sooner had peace been declared with the Sunlander Alliance than did the Yasarids pick a fight with Arnor (1733, T202). The Khemer entered the fray against the Yasarids in 1737 (T203).

(1) Tibetan raiders later attacked Ming Nan Chao in 1723 (T198), and appeared amazingly quickly to assist the Yasarids against invasion in 1730 (T200).

NewsFax Entries:

The Shahs

  • Abdullah Al-Din 1730-1753
  • Nesir Al-Din 1702-1730
  • Farrukh Yasar 1693-1702

The Players

  • T194-date (1715-1756) Zephalinda Baker
  • T187-T193 (1701-1714) Rick Stevens
  • T186 (1699-1700) (open)
  • T184-T185 (1695-1698) (unknown)

Last updated: 1 December 2004

© 2003 Robert Pierce © 2004 Martin Helsdon

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