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  • The science of the systematic study of ancient alien cultures and activities by the recovery and examination of remaining material evidence including relics, monuments and artefacts.
  • Especially concerned with the study of the enigmatic First Sun civilization.

Archaeology in the Méxica Empire is quite regulated, both by the Fleet (for security reasons) and by the large universities. The prospect of uncovering some usable technology or information from the past carries great fiscal weight in the Empire, particularly since humanity is a very small player on the galactic stage. Any kind of new technology could mean life or death for the human race, so there is intense interest. Because of these pressures, it is essentially illegal to be a wildcatter, or freelance archaeologist. In addition, the placement of graduate and post-doc students on teams is controlled by the department heads at the various Universities – and that means they go only to their cronies, sycophants and relatives.

Some of the information on this page is derived from an interview with Space Archaelogy


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