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Foundation: 1741-1752
Capital: Paris in Ilé de France
Religion: Hussite Christian?

By Rob Pierce & Martin Helsdon


Mercantile company in western Europe later determined to be a front for the Golden Dawn.

The History

Still to be written.

NewsFax Entries:

(1707 - 1708 T187)
Sebastian Cane sat in a room without angles, writing at a desk. From beyond the door, the bright sounds of children laughing and playing reached his ears. He was an old man, with white hair and a small, neatly trimmed, mustache. But his hand was strong as he wrote. The fluid characters marched down the page in perfect order. From time to time, he would stop and carefully mark off a section of the page for an illustration. The spiky letters quivered on the page, tensed to leap into reality.

A tap at the door drew his attention. Ouré was there, leaning wearily against the doorjamb. Cane smiled and strode around the desk, taking his old friend's hand and leading him to the small couch. One of Alexander's toys was in the way, but Cane carefully lifted the soapstone figurine and placed it on the end table. Beady little agate eyes glittered up at him in the candlelight.

"Did it work?" asked Cane, quietly.

Ouré nodded, his face drawn and tired. "Like… a charm. It is close, very close."

1741-1742 (T206)
Wolfden & Cane: Diplomacy: Paris in Ilé de France(ho)
Much to the distress of the Albanians, a small Hussite company opened its doors on a side street in Montremarte. The partners expected to do great business.

1743-1744 (T207)
AEIC:Miss Alexis also opened a shopping mall (selling imported Italian clothes, at least while there were any) at the Paris aerodrome. Her efforts to establish a more than a nominal merchant presence in the city were thwarted, however, by the not-nearly-so-stylishly-dressed Wolfden & Cane.

Frankish Commonwealth:A new Hussite trading cartel, Wolfden & Cane Holdings, had approached the Archon about locating its services in the Commonwealth. The Albanians were already in Paris and the Norsktrad had been conducting operations out of Brest for years. But, the Norsktrad had been very secretive and had profited a great deal from the work the Archon and the Commonwealth had devoted to expanding Brest and the port facilities.

In return, the Norsktrad had offered little assistance. The Archon decided that a better arrangement could be made with the W&C and dispatched his lovely and able daughter Margaret to “make it so”. Agreements were reached with the AEIC and W&C Holdings on city expansion and technology exchange. A garrison of 2,000 fresh Commonwealth riflemen were formed up in Brest just in case the Norsktrad caught any wind of these dealings and tried to cause trouble before Margaret arrived.

Wolfden & Cane: Diplomacy: Brittany(ma)/Brest(bo – stolen from the Norsktrad), Tours in Maine(ma)
While Harrison watched the government do his work for him, Jason toured the Mainese countryside. He nearly fell off his bicycle twice and suffered a severe bump on the head, but still managed to arrange for shipping facilities in the town, and a local representative. His stutter was getting better.

The offices of Wolfden & Cane were shuttered for nearly a month in the fall of ’43 after a spate of Pernicious Anemia swept through the banking district, leading to nearly three dozen deaths. All of the bankers, clerks, managers, till-girls and their families fled the city and took extended vacations in the countryside. Eventually, things returned to normal and business flourished once more.

Norsktrad:Much to their surprise, the Norsktrad offices in Brest were suddenly entered in the summer of ’43 by a huge mob of Commonwealth soldiers. The horse-leather clad shape of Princess Margaret prominent among them, they proceeded to eject the Catholic merchants from their city – lock, stock and barrel. The properties previously owned by the company were forfeit to the Archon and there was no receipt forthcoming. On the sidelines, a lean, cadaverous representative from Wolfden & Cane laughed into his stovepipe hat.

1745-1746 (T208)
Wolfden & Cane: Diplomacy: none
Happy to be out of the glum, paranoid atmosphere of Paris, Harrison and Jason settled into their new (so nicely appointed) offices in Brest, and saw to great expanding their operations there. Efforts to acquire shipping and trade contacts with various nations were, however, an abject failure.

“We need to own our own ships,” Harrison said, squinting at the dim, blurry shape of Jason across the table. “To make any real money in this business.”

1747-1748 (T209)
Frankish Commonwealth: The Archon took up his pen, then, with bitter ink and dispatched this missive to the officers of the Honorable Company known as Wolfden and Cane:

Mssrs. Harrrison Wolfden & James Cane
It has been brought to the attention of the Ministry of Justice that W&C Holdings have failed to make good on a reparations payment schedule to the Norsktrad otherwise know as the Nordic Trading Company. If this information has been conveyed to us in error, then we apologize for the tone of this dispatch. The Ministry of Justice hereby informs Mssrs. Wolfden & Cane that unless these payments are made on schedule, the Frankish Commonwealth will seize the assets of W&C Holdings to make good to the agreed upon debt repayment. The Frankish Commonwealth expelled the Norsktrad from our lands as they used our port facilities, but did nothing to assist in their expansion or development. The Commonwealth is not going to substitute one poor tenant for another. The Ministry of Justice already has incarcerated members of our own banking community for improprieties that have threaten the integrity of the Commonwealth and the honor of its people. We will not hesitate to do so again. We await for your prompt reply.
Pierre Jeunot, Minister of Justice
On behalf of Jacques du Maine
Archon of the Commonwealth

Wolfden & Cane Holdings, Diplomacy: Calais in Flanders(ma), Reims in Vermandois(ma)
The partners were busy, going to and fro, expanding the reach of the company. Plans were laid – but not yet implemented – to move the home office to the port of Brest, where the first ships in (what was hoped would become) a sizable Company fleet began plying routes to Poland, England and Spain.

1749-1750 (T210)
Frankish Commonwealth: On the verge of defaulting on the stolen Russian loan, the Archon just did not need any additional bad news, but here it was. In horror the Archon read intel reports concerning the true nature of Wolfden & Cane Holdings Ltd. He shook his head at the content of the detailed intelligence reports about the mercantile entity. The reports explained many of the questions the Archon had recently pondered… Where did the W&C come from? What was the source of their funding? Why were they quickly expanding throughout the Frankish Commonwealth without coordinating or communicating these actions with the government? It was all here in the ministry reports. The W&C were backed by the Illuminati, the Golden Dawn. A shadowy organization claiming to be arch enemies of the Bone Mother Cult.

Perhaps they were. Agents of the Dawn had contacted the Archon and the Frankish Government last year and offered “…to be of great service to the Commonwealth…” They had requested permission to build secret bases in the Commonwealth from which to fight this evil. The Archon’s own investigations for a sign of the Bone Mother Cult had revealed nothing, absolutely nothing, a big zero. The Archon had demanded proof, some sign of the intent of the Golden Dawn. He had received nothing of substance, nothing more than vague promises and a request for blind trust. With the recent evils in Khirgiz and Georgia, blind trust was hard to come by.

The Archon was disappointed Wolfden & Cane had not been forthcoming of their relationship with the Golden Dawn. He and his ministers had been in communication with the W&C in recent years to discuss their actions. Opportunities had been presented and these opportunities had been brushed off and passed over. The Archon gathered his ministers and marshals and drew up plans on how to deal with the W&C…it was time to act before they and the Golden Dawn had entwined themselves so deeply into the Commonwealth that the Archon and his government would become mere puppets. Encrypted orders were dispatched to every command and garrison, armed forces were placed on alert in the event the Golden Dawn and their minions in Wolfden and Caine sought the armed support of mercenaries. Perhaps help from the Catholic powers…

“Wolf-Den and Cain” the Archon pondered, “what’s in a name?”

Wolfden & Cane Holdings, Diplomacy: Stralsund in Pomern(ma)
The Company was going about it’s business in a normal manner – paying off the Norsktrad for the losses they had suffered in the seizure of Norsk properties in Brest, preparing to move their offices from Paris to the port, sending ships overseas to open trade with various African entrepots – when Commonwealth military forces pounced on the W&CH facilities in Brest, Claais, Paris, Tours and Reimes. Within a fortnight, every building, warehouse, lease, hot-dog stand and brothel controlled by the company had been commandeered by the government (and looted, and the assets sold off in auction, generating quite a sizable amount of cash for the Archon). Jason Cane – of the principals – was captured and dragged off to Paris. Harrison Wolfden, who had been out of the country, found himself in Stralsund with a handful of ships, some loyal crews and empty pockets.

1751-1752 (T211)
Poland:Determined to root out even the appearance of cultic infestation, Polish troops under the command of General Tobiasz descended upon Stralsund and seized the Wolfden & Cane manager Jason Cane, along with his confederates, business records and rather paltry funds. The Frenchman was taken into government custody and whisked off to Warsaw for questioning.

Arrest of Jason cane.jpg

Frankish Commonwealth:The notorious Jason Cane (formerly a partner of Wolfden & Cane) was removed from his cell in Paris and sent under heavy guard to Brest, where a squadron of Commonwealth ships was waiting to escort him to an 'undisclosed location.' Through some oversight, however, Cane escaped from his escort and was then killed in a gun battle with mysterious 'black priests' in Nivernais. Danish troops, arriving on the scene, was aghast at the number of bullet holes in the church pews and the general slaughter.

Wolfden & Cane Holdings, Diplomacy: None:
With the death of Jason Cane and the arrest of Harrison Wolfden by the Polish authorities - and the seizure of all remaining W&C assets, properties and sincecures - the Company died an agonizing, yet swift, death.

General Partners

  • Harrison Wolfden and Jason Cane 1741-1752


  • T206-date (1741-1752) Steve Brunt

Last updated: 7 November 2004

© 2002 Robert Pierce © 2004 Martin Helsdon

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