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The Wilful


A 60-meter high tramp freighter, capable of planetary vertical take-off and landing, equipped with atmospheric, space and hyperdrive engines. A string of katakana characters spell out the name Wilful on the hull.


Captain: De Molay
Engineer: Azulcay


Builder: Nörsktrad Heavy Industries.
Designation: Free Merchantman.
Class: Knörr.
Displacement: 900 tons
Length: 60 meters
Ship’s Complement: 6-10
Machinery: Antimatter main drive output divided into four engines.
Atmosphere drive divided into four nacelles with fairings.
Main comp connected to other ship systems by duplicated datacores
Limited g-decking only in place in the primary crew spaces, with nonskid deckplating present at gangways.
Cargo holds: Two.
Endurance: Unknown
Ship’s craft: Cargo loader.
Sensors: Equipped with civilian passive sensor and active sensor arrays.
Stealth: None.
Armament: None.
Armor: None.

The cargo holds have been refitted with a pair of double-locked, z-g transfer bays sitting on opposite sites of the ship. The cargo holds run the length of the ship between the command deck and upper deck accomodation, and the lower deck accomodation and engineering deck. Internally the cargo bays connect across the shipcore to allow one bay to be loaded whilst the other is unloaded simultaneously with a crossloading capability.

The holds are each accessible via a cargo lift that extends from the ship, and then runs down external tracks to the ground.

The manuever drives extend out from the main body of the ship to make four channels on each side, with the cargo lifts running down two of them between the drive fairings.



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