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Class of Imperial Méxica Navy heavy cruiser.

Ships of the class

Designation Name
CA- Falchion
CA- Axe
CA- Mace
CA-1042 Gladius


Dorsal cutaway view of a Weapon-class Imperial Méxica Navy heavy cruiser:
A: Particle beam nacelles.
B: Sensor boom (retracted). A number of extendable sensor booms are located along the ‘wings’.
C: Outer hull.
D: Upship maneuvering thruster clusters.
E: Missile racks extend along ‘wing’.
F: Command deck.
G: Transit-core.
H: Secondary hull.
I: Between-hull.
J: Hab core.
K: Engineering deck.
L: Port Boat bay.
M: Hyperdrive coil.
N: Fusion Reactors.
O: Downship maneuvering thruster clusters.
P : Rear mine/Missile racks.
Q: Main drive antimatter engines.
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