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Under normal conditions shiptime is divided into 24 hours based on the standard day of Anáhuac.

Each day of shiptime is divided into three watch periods. The third watch corresponds to much of the shipsnight. There is an overlap between each watch, for the follow-on watch to be briefed.

The Imperial Méxica Navy employs a system of three watches, sometimes extended or reduced to a half-watch.

Specific hours are assigned to the daycycle and nightcycle with changeover at shipsdawn and shipsnight. During a nightcycle lighting is dimmed to augment the sleep cycle which allows the crew to maintain the circadian cycle to minimise the biological effects of living for prolonged periods of time in an artificial environment to maintain the thermoregulatory system. The increased illumination at shipsdawn effectively resets the internal circadian clock. On stations lighting may also be subject to a day-program to emulate the passing of time.

Shiptime lighting will be overridden by alerts such as battle-stations when the level of illumination changes to battle-lights.


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