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Destruction of Venice - 1744
  • The Pearl of the Adriatic: for centuries the Imperial Capital of the Danish Empire.
  • The grey pearl is an important motif, with Danish military uniforms dark grey, with elite troops such as the Jägerkorps in grey and black.
  • Famous locations:
    • The Fortress of the Pearl. One of the grey towers was known as the Tower of Sight prior to the building of the skywatch observatory.
    • The Palace of the Pearl – containing the Throne of Pearl.
    • Saint Mark’s Cathedral.
    • The Royal Pavilion (used to host chess tournaments).
    • The Arsenal.
    • The Isle of the Dead.
    • The three hundred foot high Tower of Sight built on the island of Moreno in the lagoon.
    • The city was connected by the Six Bridges to the shores of Verona.
    • In 1743 a terminal was built at the Lagoon-side port of Mestre to link Venice with the Danish railway network.
  • History:
    • 568 Founded by refugees entering the marshes of the Po estuary following the invasion of northern Italia by the Lombards.
    • In the mid-8th century, the Venetians resisted the empire-building efforts of the King of the Franks, Pepin III and remained subject to the Byzantine Empire.
    • A possession of the Kingdoms of Corsica until about 1415.
    • A possession of the Danish Empire from about 1420.
    • Capital of the Danish Empire from ????
    • 1476 Venice is sacked by Dray of Rhodes commanding a Berber fleet and the Imperial Capital moves to Munich.
    •  ???? Venice becomes the Imperial Capital again.
    • 1701-1702 Venice beseiged as part of the Holy Cross War by the armies of the Exarchate of Trebizond.
    • 1705-1706 The lagoon and canals of Venice freeze during the winter as a prequel to the Ice War.
    • 1725 The Tower of Sight – a skywatch telescope - is built with its twin Il Dioptre on Crete.
    • 1744 The city is destroyed by an asteroid impact in the War Against the Beast.

Drowned city of Old Earth, North Italian Military District.


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