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Command station display with a flat black glassite surface configurable into a number of v-panes and control bars that interfaces with the main comp via a comp conduit interface. A v-panel can include a v-pickup.

The surface of the display consists of an electrically active composite - which is sensitive to touch. Commands can be entered either via the displayed control bars and glyphs or with a stylus. The surface also permits confirmation panes to read a thumb or hand print.

V-panes can be moved on the display by touching the v-pane and dragging it across the v-panel.

  • In response to a glyph selection the glyph winks green on the v-panel to acknowledge a successful command transfer.
  • When switched on a v-panel shows a green indicator to denote standby.

A command station v-panel also includes local commands: the occupant of the shockchair can manually activate their shockframe by punching the crash glyph.

The size and type of v-panes can be selected by the user or triggered by a ship-wide event such as an alert, and these can display command menus, and stat panes including:

When an alert status is sounded, the captain's v-panel automatically adjusts its display into ship status, local space , threat list, and multiple sub-panes showing v-feeds from various ship divisions.

A v-pane can be selected to monitor a data-stream.

Mirror computer v-panels can detect and react to the movement of the user's retina and open or close v-panes accordingly.

Command glyphs include:

The battle-stations glyph is at the top of the captain's primary v-panel.


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