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Foundation: 1447-1450 (T90-T91)Dead.gif
Capital: ???
Religion: Islam?

By Rob Pierce


The Khanate of Turkestan and the Holy Islamic Republic appear to have formed in the aftermath of the collapse of the Khwarzim Shahdom sometime between 1420 (T84?, see 1410 and 1420 maps) and 1446 (T90) (the fax for T91 includes Turkestan and the HIR but not the Khwarzim). The HIR absorbed portions of Turkestan after it collapsed in the late 1440's (T91).

The History:

Still to be written.

NewsFax Entries:

1447-1450 (T91)

Turkestan: Diplomacy: None
Trade Partners: (0S) None

The Turks, having stagnated for the moment, found their people far too restless to contain and the Khanate was ripped apart by popular revolt and insurrection... Palavoi, Oriot, Ryatka, Osman, Turgay, Scythia, Kyzl-Kum, Kuldja, Khokhand, Dzungaria, and Avar reupted into revolt. The revolt of the Khokhandi was instantly put down by the Khanate armies there but the other revolts succeded.

HIR: Merv and Bukhara each grew a level. By impressing the population of Turkmen (reducing it to a 1/4 region) a road was built from Khiva to Bukhara. A Majlis leader was seized by agents of the Assasins when he approached the Emir of Tabaristan with an offer of alliance. The remains of the Turkic Khanate agreed to alliance with the Majlis, delivering their sizable army and treasury into the greedy hands of the Majlis - an opportune event, as events on the western frontier called for the commitment of large armies... The remaining Turkic areas north of Khokhand did, finally, revolt when the southern portions allied themselves with the HIR. Kucha, cut off from the HIR for, lo, these many years also revolted.

The Khans

  • Agazedei 1447-1450

The Players

  • T91 (1447-1450) (unknown; no ISI list)

Last updated: 13 October 2002

© 2002 Robert Pierce

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