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Trade Range: depends on the Culture of the nation, as shown by the table below.

  • Prior to the Renaissance, it defines the maximum number of contiguous sea zones that a Trade Route can be traced through from port to port. The Trade Range cannot be increased save by changing Culture Type.
  • In the Renaissance and Industrial Periods, it defines the maximum number of regular Sea Zones that a Trade Conduit can extend from one ‘anchor’ city to another ‘anchor’ city. The Trade Range can be increased, up to the maximum for the Tech Level by investing in the rating. When hitting the Renaissance, the initial value is 4 for Civilized, and 5 for Seafaring.

Nation Culture Type Trade Range
Nomadic 1
Barbarian / Pre-Columbian 2
Civilized 3
Seafaring 4
Renaissance Maximum = Tech Level – 2
  • Neither normal Trade Routes nor Conduits may be traced through unknown Sea Zones, Inter-Island or Open Ocean Arrows, blockaded Sea Zones, or into Cities under Siege or Blockade.
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