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Foundation: 1759-date
Capital: Kenehold on Dajarra
Religion: Oroist (Oceanic Pagan)

By Martin Helsdon


An Oroist religious order, the survivors of the Maori Imperium.

The History:

NewsFax Entries

1759-1760 T215
Te niho o Oro: The Maori, meanwhile, had struck on a new plan to resuscitate their crippled kingdom in exile. With the connivance of the Borang and the Priests of Oro, Hatipi had decided to abandon the remote islands of Aotearoa and decamp to a more central location. Further, by assuming the mantle of the ‘Teeth of Oro’ – the Te Niho o Oro – and the protection of the Bakufu and the Shark-priests, the last remnant of the Black Fleet would find a new purpose, as a religious military order dedicated to spreading the word of Oro to the four corners of the Earth.

The regent, therefore, had packed up everyone onto the remains of the fleet and set sail from Joetsura to Austral by the time the marauding Nanhai arrived on the cold southern shores. The disruption of the invasion was not without cost, however, as Hatipi found himself almost overmatched at the mighty task of founding a new order at Kenehold, in central Austral.

Luckily, his able lieutenants were able to pitch in, and an Order Fortress was established at Kenehold, in the old Imperial Capital and palace. Order estates were also granted to the Te Niho in Borang, on Sarawak and Timor. Efforts to expand into Eha-rana and Wewak failed.

Watamati’s invasion – as the Black Fleet had fled to Austral – was more of a police invasion, as both islands were systematically occupied and garrisoned. Even in the cities, where the Fleet held the greatest loyalty, there were no fortifications or garrisons to resist the Nanhai. In the countryside, the old gentry welcomed their ‘proper’ lord’s return.

1761–1762 T216
Te niho o Oro: Diplomacy Dajarra (^oh), Sabah (^oh), Camoweal (^oh)
While the Borang shogun was off slaughtering townsmen and radical student activists in Fukuzawa, the Te Niho settled in at Kenehold and various personages were dispatched to secure the few remaining direct possessions of the Order.

1763–1764 T217
Te niho o Oro: Diplomacy Teatoorah (^oh), Huangor in Sarawak (^oh)
An air mission returned to Kenehold, the zeppelins still showing signs of frost and ice damage.

1765–1766 T218
Te niho o Oro: The Teeth sat around in the shade, drinking sake. Unfortunately, they were running short!

1767–1768 T219
Te niho o Oro: The Black Sharks rallied to Kenehold as well, reinforcing the troops maintained by the order at that city. Every man was filled with barely-banked fury – the sacrifice of the Oro priests had not gone unnoticed – and the zeal of the Teeth was near-incandescent. Still, everyone was secretly relieved when no attack came out of the west…

1769–1770 T220
Te niho o Oro: …remained in their citadel at Kenhold, pondering the signs in the sky, and the rumors flying here and there of the Great Shark taking a new and profound shape in the material world.

War against the Meteor Men:
May 1770: Learning of the destruction of his capital, Masataka rides to Kenehold in Dajarra (the old Imperial capital) and establishes a new, rump, government there with the support of the Te Niho o Oro religious order.

Spear of the Order of the Teeth

  • Hatipi 1759-date

The Players

  • Dan Bresien T219-date
  • open T218
  • Steve Brunt T215-T217

Last updated 22 January 2005

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