Tatar Khanate of Go-Kur-Matahn

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Foundation: 1487-1677 (T101-T175)Dead.gif
Capital: Tuchia
Religion: Asia Pagan

By Rob Pierce


Also known as the Tatar Khanate of Alaska. Go-Kur-Matahn translates to "the Land of the Golden Mountain".

The Tatar realm in Alaska ended after an unsuccessful fight (in conjunction with the Huron Confederation) in the Great Northern War (1669-1678) against the combined armies of the varied Nisei Shogunates (Tokugawa, Hideyoshi, and later Azuchi), the Shawnee Empire and the Aztec Empire. In the end the Tatars agreed to abandon what lands they still controlled to the Azuchi Nisei and migrate (with Japanese assistance) to the Philippines and Borneo to found the Tatar Kingdom of Borneo.

At least a remnant remained in the north to become one of the Ice tribes.

The History:

Still to be written.

NewsFax Entries:

1487-1490 (T101)

Mongol Empire: A Mongol exploration fleet managed to reestablish contact with the Chinese Siberian colonies and with the Tatar exile state in Alaska.

The Khans

  •  ??? ???-??? (d ???)

The Players

  • T174-T175 (1675-1677) Alex Evans
  • T165-T173 (1657-1674) Tom Towner

Last updated: 16 November 2002

© 2002 Robert Pierce

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