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Foundation:1636-date (T154-date)

  • Rabaul on Bismarck (from 1731)
  • Joetsura in Te Ika A Maui (to 1730)


By Graham Donald & Rob Pierce


Also known in earlier days as the Naipon Seahold. The Nanhai (a Japanese people) essentially control most of the islands and atolls of the Pacific Ocean, in addition to the east coast of Australia.

In concert with other regional powers, the Seahold participated in the regional intervention into the Sarawak-Annam civil war. The adventure proved to be both brief (1665-1668) and profitless.

While much of the native population is Oroist, up until 1681 a significant minority - including the ruling clans - were Buddhist, a legacy of the Japanese conquest. The outbreak of the War of Purity in 1679, and the early defeats suffered by other Buddhist powers, convinced the clans to bow to Nippon-Austral pressure and accept Oroism as the state religion.

After 15 years of disturbing reports out of the southeastern islands, in 1699 an invasion erupted out of Tahiti by so-called "devil fish". Despite initial losses to the invaders, the Nanhai rebounded and drove the devil fish back into the sea, recovering all of the islands originally lost, including fabled Tahiti. The final battle for Tahiti in 1720 proved rather anti-climactic as the devil fish simply abandoned the island and disappeared back into the ocean from whence they originally emerged.

In 1730, during the Ice War, as an incentive to the Maori Black Fleet to abandon their association with the Ice the Nanhai were coerced into abandoning the islands of the Long White Cloud (New Zealand) to the Fleet. 30 years later with the Maori resettled into their ancestral home, and after the threat of the Ice had begun to abate, the Nanhai returned, conquering both the islands and the Maori.

The History

To be written.

Newsfax Entries


Shogun (Sugawara Clan)

  • Sugawara Te Anu 1720-date
  • Sugawara Ahara 1695-1720
  • Sugawara Ropongi 1695-1706
  • Sugawara Chukuma 1681-1695
  • Sugawara Lorama 1659-1681

Shogun (Yokatsu Clan)

  • Yokatsu Razan 1654-1659
  • Yokatsu Shigenu 1635-1654

Prince of the Seahold

  • Kaikanohi 1635-1654

The Players

  • T217-date (1763-date) Graham Donald
  • T216 (1761-1762) (open)
  • T188-T215 (1703-1760) Ted Evans
  • T180-T187 (1687-1702) Alex Evans
  • T179 (1685-1686) (open)
  • T175-T178 (1677-1684) Jim Robertson
  • T174 (1675-1676) Matt Wolf
  • T173 (1673-1674) (open)
  • T157-T172 (1641-1672) Ed Allen
  • T155-T156 (1637-1640) Joseph Heath

© 2004 Robert Pierce and Graham Donald

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