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Foundation: 1005-date (T002-date)

  • Riga in Latvia ????-date
  • Grodno in Masuria ????-????
  • Stockhom in Uppsala 1205 to ????
  • Carthage in Tunis 1030? to 1205
  • Stockholm/Uppsala 1005 to ????


By Rob Pierce and Chris Cornuelle, updated by Martin Helsdon


A realm whose history stretches back to pagan times, Swedish-Russia is characterized by the wary use of military power. Over the centuries its leaders have usually opted for diplomacy, economic pressure, and other means of securing the long-term safety of its citizens. The nation features an active commercial sector, a well-organized and well-funded bureaucracy, and an autonomous branch of Catholicism under the aegis of His Holiness.

The language for official business is Norman, an evolving melange of Swedish, Russian, Berber, and Arabic, with loanwords from Danish, Turkish, Shawnee, and others. The people themselves have changed homes frequently over time, leading to a wide range of ethnicities, some distinct, some blended, including Berber, Arab, Shawnee, Scandinavian, Russian, Turk, and others. The population is bonded together by common Norman, learned in a school system begun in the 13th century, in addition to the native tongue. As well, a common struggle against various enemies plus enlightened government policies has usually kept the polity intact. Recent crusades against the Forces of Evil [tm], which includes various cults, vampires, extra- dimensional tribal groupings, Martians, and Others, continue to forge the people into a (propaganda alert) sharp iron sword of the Lord in these End Times.


Archenemy of the Danish Empire. Known as the Kingdom of Sweden until at least 1494.

The History:

A sketch:

  • Founded 1005 on the Baltic in Uppsala.
  • Homeland conquered by Danish Empire ca. 1030.
  • Fled in longships to Maroc, then Tunis, founding the Berber Emirate after wooing the locals.
  • Gave up faith of fathers for Islam.
  • Fought against Danish Empire, expanding across N Africa and into the Mediterranean.
  • Contributed Jewish army to the first Great War in Central Asia (everyone vs. Mongols), leading to the founding of Jewish Tibet.
  • Return to Uppsala to found Stockholm 1205.
  • Converted from Islam to Catholicism.
  • Various wars, including vs. Danish Empire, Russia, and England simultaneously.
  • Early adopter of airship technology (hot air balloons, parachutes, and gliders).
  • Saga of Kjell and Natasha.
  • Shawnee invade, colonize Norwegian Atlantic coast.
  • Conquered Poland and Russia.
  • Beset by White Turks and Khirghiz.
  • Stockholm sacked by Danish Empire.
  • Riga sacked by Danish Empire.
  • Traditional ally of free Britain, free France, and Persia.
  • Worked with Persia, Danish Empire, and others against the Assassins, culminating in an assault on their Trebizond base.
  • Many more recent events ...


NewsFax Entries

The Tsars

  • Kjell Torsson 1759-date
  • Solomon 1739-1759
  • Sigurd IV Gustaffsson 1698-????
  • Octavia Gustaffsson 1663-1698
  • Charles II Gustaffsson 1657-1663
  • Sven V Gustafsson 1485-1494
  • Sven IV Gustafsson 1469-1485
  • Bjorn II Gustafsson 1464-1469
  • Bengt Gustafsson 1447-1464

The Altkanslers

  • Charles Svante Vasa II ??? 1488-1494
  • Ari Tolleson Royalist 1480-1488
  • Suttungr Ladulas Royalist 1475-1480
  • Peter Gunnarrson Jan Birch 1463-1475
  • Arne Moamud Ludbrok Jan Birch 1447-1462

The Player

T02-date (1005-date) Chris Cornuelle

Last updated: 27 March 2005

© 2002 Robert Pierce 050327csc

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