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A dorsal view of the Sunflower.
The Naniwa approaches the Sunflower.
If the gods made sunflowers as big as a large moon, and gave them long, spiked metallic petals, and a center formed from triangles within triangles.

A mysterious alien artifact hidden within the depths of the Kuub, its shape and structure come from the world view of its creators embodying the Fibonacci number sequence (closely related to the Golden ratio).



Five thousand kilometers on a side, each petal and floret of the Sunflower is comprised of hundreds of thousands of folds. Its surface is completely unmarred by micrometeoroid and cosmic ray impacts, with surfaces at an angle to the ejection jet of the black hole at the centre of the brown dwarf trinary system glaring with reflected light.


The ancient Ik-hu-huillane tablets speak of an abode of the waking mind which is formed in threes and multiples of three.


The name applied by the crew of the Naniwa is derived from the form of the sunflower of Anáhuac. The florets within the sunflower's cluster are arranged in a spiral pattern, where each each floret is oriented toward the next by approximately the Golden angle producing a pattern of interconnecting spirals where the number of left spirals and the number of right spirals are successive Fibonacci numbers.

The Méxica name for a sunflower is chimalacatl or chimalxochitl.

Power Source

The Sunflower derives its power source from the infall of matter from the three brown dwarf stars. The result of that infall is the generation of a rotating magnetic field of tremendous strength. The location of the Thread generates electricity in vast quantities from induction and permits the Sunflower to raise and lower devices a distance of an AU or so towards the event horizon of the central black hole.


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