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By Rob Pierce

The guidelines presented here are not exhaustive, but summarize those things that I have endeavored to include in the pages I have prepared so far. If you haven't noticed already, many nation's pages are incomplete. Feel free to submit things to me in dribs and drabs, and the various histories will (hopefully) gain some coherence over time. All submissions can be emailed to me at Submissions are best in either Microsoft Word, RTF or plain text, though other formats may be acceptable (email me about those first).

No Propoganda Please: The encyclopedia is intended as a reference work - a historical work - not a pulpit to toot one's own horn. Admittedly, no published work of any sort is without it's biases, but I'd really like to keep that to a minimum. For those who are submitting histories of their own nations, it will be doubly important to keep to "just the facts, ma'am". What I've generally done is summarize the events as presented in the Fax, and then stepped back and tried to see the forest for the trees, to mold the turn-by-turn facts into a more coherent storyline.

Nation Info: Nation information I need in two forms: a description of the country, and the detailed history of the country.

The description should (attempt to) provide an "executive summary" of the highpoints (and lowpoints) of the nation's history. This is the broad brush illustration that gives the reader a feel for what the nation has done over it's history.

The history is where the detail is. What I'm looking for here, is every change in region status, every battle, every city and megalithic construction or destruction, etc. A reader should be able to clearly follow a country's growth or shrinkage on the maps by following the events detailed here. In essence, this section should list all the events that are reported in the Fax - and then some. Bonus items are items and events that showed up on stat sheets, but were never reported in the Fax. Wars should be summarized here in the history, and the details spelled out on a separate page for that war (see below).

Ruler Info: What I'm looking for is definite information about what rulers were in power in which nations on which turns.

Player Info: What I'm looking for is definite information about what players played what nations on which turns. This includes turns when a nation was "open" and in need of a player. What would be a bonus would be any information regarding players that had run countries under aliases for whatever reason (I will not publish the real names of any aliases currently in use). I intend on providing email links to current players, unless requested otherwise. Email links to previous players I will provide with their permission. I have considered creating profile pages for the players with photos, Lords related bios, etc., but am not pursuing that at this time.

War Info: What I'm looking for is the gory details of which leaders led which armies into which battles. This could even go so far as to include some measure of analysis as to what worked vs. what didn't, what was intended vs. what occurred, etc. Some of that kind of information might require debriefing the players and even comparing notes.

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