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Skawtish dynasty of the 16th-17th Century aided by the Méxica. The royal house of Skawtland from AD 1371.

In the late 16th Century the Stuart dynasty of Skawtland aided by the Méxica Empire came to dominate the British Isles; by the early 17th Century they had defeated both the Godwin dynasty of England and the independent kingdoms of Éireland. Governing the islands as the Viceroys of Gran Bretan for the Méxica Emperor they founded the Plantagenet-Stuart line.

In 1627 the presence of a Méxica vassal state on their borders drew the ire of the Danish Empire on the European mainland. Following the defeat of the British fleet off the Belle Ilé a massive invasion force under the command of the Hussite general John Ziska (a descendant of John Trocznowski) captured London. After several major battles Elizabeth Plantagenet-Stuart was captured and imprisoned in the Tower of London. The last army of the Viceroyalty was defeated by a Danish army commanded by Ziska before the walls of Dublin.

With the Méxica regime destroyed the Danes set up a puppet state and withdrew. The islands almost immediately plunged into nearly two decades of bitter civil war.

The Méxica supported the re-emergence of a Kingdom of Skawtland but dynastic problems of their own limited the support it was to receive. The Hussite puppet kingdom disintegrated in civil war from which emerged the new founder of the United Kingdoms of Britain: Oliver Cromwell. The Lord Protector received the recognition of the Méxica Empire. By 1647, however, the Skawts rose against his authority at the behest of Méxica agents but abandoned the captured capital of Kingston when their king was killed. In 1648 a Méxica attempt to capture London ended in defeat. There followed several years of war between the Méxica and their Skawtish allies and the English, with the Méxica being routed in the battle of Badon Hill in 1650. In the midst of this, the Occitanians attempted to invade the islands but their forces were swept back and forced to shelter on the Isle of Wight, eventually fleeing home by 1654.

The Wars of English Independence came to a close in 1656 with the Cromwell dynasty firmly on the throne of the United Kingdoms.

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