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Exterior of an IMN station. The fore and aft faces are decorated in traditional Méxica style, concealing sensor and weapons ports. The station has four military/commercial docks in a docking ring and a central military dock fore, and one maintenance dock aft. The interior of the station is divided into the docking and receiving bays, the central non-rotating core and the internal rotating hab ring. The hab ring provides centrifugal gravity at near Anáhuac standard on the outer decks, reducing significantly towards the central core.

The massive Imperial Méxica space stations provide bases on the borders of Imperial space and act as transit points for commercial liner-runs.

Named stations are:

The station receiving bays for passengers embody the social classes of the Méxica Empire with seven distinct gates labelled by caste or nation:

The entry hall containing the lesser gates is demarcated by a power fence.

In addition to the commercial and civilian use, the primary function of these stations is to support and maintain the capability of the Imperial Méxica Navy. To support this the stations are equipped with powerful t-relays to punch through to distant Fleet ships and message drones.

The stations are so big that they have tubecar networks to facilitate travel around them.


A. IMN battlecruiser and light cruiser shown for scale.
B. Non-rotating cargo/passenger receiving bays with g-decking. Z-g Cargo bays below.
C. Z-g Docking bay. Part of the docking ring.
D. Inner rotating hab ring - the habitat produces centrifugal gravity. Note: Number of decks shown is not accurate.
E. Secondary hull. The secondary hull provides an airtight jacket for the inner rotating hab ring.
F. Z-g maintenance docking bay.
G. Z-g Non-rotating engineering core.
H. Fore section primary hull.
I. Z-g Non-rotating engineering/manufacturing core.
J. Z-g Non-rotating core hull. Note maglev tracks for rotating hab ring.
K. Hab ring hull.
L. Primary hull.
M. Aft section primary hull.
N. Heat radiators.
O. Fusion reactors and antimatter storage.
Note: This design is not canonical.
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