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Foundation: 1738 - 1761 Dead.gif
Capital: Lisbon in Portugal
Religion: Roman Catholic

By Rob Pierce & Martin Helsdon


Known as the Kingdom of Spain from T172 to at least T176, and as the Kingdom of Occitania before that.

Known as the Republic of Spain from 1739 (T205) to 1761 when it reverted to a kingdom once more. In 1739 year Communist agitators (from Marseilles and Baklovakia, no doubt) instigated a civil war that ultimately pitted the landed nobility of the countryside against both the Communards in the cities and the neglectful administration of the Republic. The Republican leadership, threatened with both student revolutionaries in the north and rebellious royalists in the east (Kingdom of Navarre), finally went to war and defeated both threats (see the Spanish Civil War (1739-1747) for details). The royalists last gasp came in 1746 (T208) fighting in Lisbon, and the communard's Republica Popular de Espana was finally crushed in 1747 (T209) ending the conflict.

The troubles in Spain were not at an end however, and the attempt to root out the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and a plague devastated the Republic. Order was restored by the Bourbon regime of the newly resurrected Kingdom of Spain.

The History

Still to be written.


Republic of Spain Newsfax Entries

Il Presidente

  • Largo Cabellero 1738-1761


  • T205-T216 (1739-1761) Eddie Hartwell
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