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Foundation: 1447-date (T91-date)
Capital: Great Zimbabwe in Rozwi
Religion: Roman Catholic

By Rob Pierce, updated by Martin Helsdon


Known as the Viceroyalty of French South Africa until a coup in 1452 (T92) restored native rule. The First Republic, though a republic in name, remained a military protectorate until a brief civil war ousted Kahard and installed an elected senate, with Kehjeima as President. Under the Senate, the Republic prospered greatly as it's vast merchant fleet plied the sealanes as far away as Japan, Britain and South America.

The First Republic endured until 1674 (T173) when Senator Ikogen led a coup that splintered the nation among the Republic of West Africa (which was quickly overwhelmed by Mali), monarchist Zulu Natal in the south, and the decadent Empire of Afriqa in the north. The Sultanate of the Kongo later added to the disintegration when the western Muslim regions also rejected Imperial rule.

While the Zulus proved to be content with their independence, warfare between the Empire and Kongo proved to be a fairly frequent affair. Despite numerous military failures (some nearly fatal to the Empire), Keshu's eldest son Taras led a final strike against Kongo in 1703 (T188) that crushed the remaining Kongolese in battle in Mbundu. Where Ikogen and Keshu had squandered their military successes, Keshu's sons were proving more cunning in the battlefield.

With the conquest of one rebel state, the Empire quickly shifted the warfront to the Zulu border in 1705 (T189) for the first time since the Republic fell apart. The Zulus proved to be a much more serious match for the Empire, however, and Keshu, Taras, and Taras's younger brother Nikren were ultimately claimed in the fighting. But, Taras, before he died in 1709 (T191), had stilled his pride enough to pull what would prove to be the trump card of the war: the intervention of the Maasai on the Empire's behalf. By 1711 (T192), the combined efforts of Togor and the Maasai had destroyed the Zulu armies and captured the Zulu capital of Tsulu. Sud Afriqa, for the first time in more than 35 years, was now whole again, but the price paid had been frightfully high.

Togor tried to sire a son by his wife, and former Zulu queen, ????. But a scandal erupted when it was discovered that she was killing any of his sons she bore. Enraged, he had her killed as well as the rest of her extended family. Togor's brutality proved to be the last straw for M'beron, an aide to the executed queen, who led a rebellion against the emperor, seized the capital and much of the government, and established republican rule once again. Togor found a new wife and sired a son before he perished in the subsequent civil war between Imperial and Republican forces. With Togor's death, M'beron negotiated a surrender with the remaining imperialists who moved on and established the Honorable Africa Company.

The History:

To be written.

NewsFax Entries

Republic of South Africa Newsfax Entries

Protectors of the Senate and the Republic

The Second Republic

  • Izinduna 1752-
  • M'Beron 1739-1752


The Empire of Afriqa

  • Togor the Cruel 1709-???? (T191-????)
  • Taras the Bold 1707-1709 (T190-T191)
  • Keshu the Quiet 1686-1707 (T179-T190)
  • Ikogen 1675-1686 (T173-T179)


The First Republic

  • Ikogen 1674-1675 T173
  • Kwayl 1657-1674 T165-T173
  • Klintun ????-????
  • Ikezue ????-????
  • Shakaru ????-????
  • Iesuwayo ????-????
  • Kehjeima ????-????
  • Kahard ????-????
  • Hotoka VII ????-????
  • Hotoka VI ????-????
  • Hotoka V ????-????
  • Hotoka IV 1452-???? T92-T173


The Viceroyalty of French South Africa

  • Shaba III 1447-1452 T91-T92

The Players

  • T188-date (1703-date) Robert Pierce
  • T182-T187 (1691-1702) A. Fritz
  • T181 (1689-1690) Dennis Moore
  • T176-T180 (1679-1688) Dave Salter
  • T165-T175 (1657-1678) Robert Pierce
  • T93-T102 (1455-1494) Robert Orman
  • T91-T92 (1447-1454) (unknown; no ISI list)

Last updated: 18 August 2006

© 2003 Robert Pierce © 2004 Martin Helsdon

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