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  • New Edo.

Nisei city on Old Earth, overlooking Chumash Sound (in the same location as Seattle).


  • Deception Creek marks the southern edge of the downtown area.
  • An ancient temple at Jorikū.
  • The spaceport in the wetlands to the south of the city.
  • Khahtsalano - a wealthy district around the uchumon.
  • The deep water port - Shinedo is the terminus for the maglev railway that extends over to the Iroquois Protectorate.

Birthplace of Hadeishi.

The fleet had breached upon this shore out of exhaustion. The passage between the outer bulwark of Nootka island and the rocky, forest-shrouded coastline had taken the last burst of energy the refugees could muster. Thirty-six days had passed while the gray vastness of the sea hammered at their boats. Few of the Japanese vessels had been fitted for such a voyage, though in the mad panic to evacuate Edo and Osaka, no mind had been paid to their seaworthiness. More than half of those who fled dying Nippon were lost in the passage. But the Emperor himself had survived, carried forth from the wreck of his ancient realm in a massive Chinese hai-po taken in raid off Taiwan. That enormous ship had run aground in Deception Creek, or so the children said, and the last Emperor to be born in the Immortal Islands had splashed ashore with katana in hand and rusted armor upon his breast. Though the shore he faced was crowded with an impossibly thick forest, and his people were sick and weak, there was nowhere else to run.
But the third spring had brought an unexpected sight – long boats with many rowers toiling up the coast from the south. The handful of Nisei ships which remained seaworthy – many had been cannibalized for nails, lumber, cordage and other desperately-needed fittings – met the Toltec pochteca on the low swell at the mouth of Deception Creek. From the temple-house hill, a pillar could been seen on the further shore where the Emperor’s representatives had first held conversation with the emissaries of the great southern kingdoms. By then the Nisei had driven the tribal peoples from their villages along the shore and were beginning to clear the forest for their new city.


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