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Part of the life support equipment that functions either as:

  • Part of a z-suit.
  • With a respirator mask to allow the wearer to breathe low pressure atmospheres such as Old Mars and Ephesus III or when the atmosphere aboard a spacecraft has been compromised by smoke.

A rebreather is a breathing set that provides a breathing gas containing oxygen and recycles exhaled gas. As a person breathes, the body consumes oxygen and makes carbon dioxide. A person with an open-circuit breathing set typically only uses about a quarter of the oxygen in the air that is breathed in. The rest is breathed out along with nitrogen and carbon dioxide. With a rebreather, the exhaled gas is not discharged as waste:

  • The oxygen is recovered for re-use by the recycler.
  • The carbon dioxide is expelled.
  • Oxygen is added to replace what was consumed.

If the local atmosphere is thin but breathable, a compressor and filter can be used to supply oxygen.

  • A rebreather is powered by the movement of the wearer's limbs.
  • A rebreather and its gaskets and filters are relatively sensitive, requiring protection from dust. Users often use a scarf to provide it with some protection.


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