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A magnetic accelerator providing a very high muzzle velocity used as an anti-missile point-defense weapon and as an armament on assault shuttles and Tonehūa APACs.

  • A classic railgun consists of two parallel metal rails connected to an electrical power supply. When a conductive projectile is inserted between the rails (from the end connected to the power supply), it completes the circuit. Electrical current runs from the positive terminal of the power supply up the positive rail, across the projectile, and down the negative rail, back to the power supply. The flow of current causes the railgun to act like an electromagnet, creating a powerful magnetic field in the region of the rails up to the position of the projectile. The projectile is accelerated along the rails.
  • A point-defense railgun fires a small 2mm depleted uranium needle at a near-relativistic velocity. This imparts a massive amount of kinetic energy to the target which makes the weapon highly effective against missiles. The needle must have a conductive coating or be composed of a uranium carbide – uranium and carbon compounds which are electricity conductive, have high strength, and thermal and chemical stability.


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