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Purerealm.gif</br> Pure Realm on Earth
Foundation: 1667-current (T170-current)
Capital: Fusan
Religion: Buddhist (Primacy)

By Rob Pierce

Updated by Charles Hurst

Previous Icon:</br> L1SignofKoth.gif

Description : A Short History

The primacy of the Buddhist faith. For a time, it clashed with another Buddhist faction (the Jade Sect) that was supported by the Mongol and Ming Empires. When Pure Realm investigators recovered the long lost Casket of Sighs (T186), which contains the corporeal body of the Bodaisattva, support for the Jade Sect quickly melted away and the Buddhist faith was united once again.

A Prester John party was attempting to find a certain set of missing scrolls (T186), though they found out from other sources that they appear to have been in the hands of the Pure Realm. Those scrolls permitted Pure Realm investigators to recover the corporeal body of the Bodaisattva, borne in the Casket of Sighs, in its entirety. Tokens were then sent to the Mongols, the Ming, and the Khemer to prove the rightness of their cause (gutting support for the Mongol-backed Jade Sect), and re-uniting the Buddhist faith.

Since that time the primacy has slowly expanded into all Buddhist lands, spreading the faith to eastern India.

The Newsfaxes

Great Masters, Abbots of the Wing Kung Temple of the Greater Vehicle of the Message of the Bodhisattva

Wan Ho1748-1766209-218L1WanHo.png
Cho Hun1734-1748202-209File:L1ChoHun.jpeg
Xi Wong1729-1734200-202
Wan Xi1719-1728196-199
Daman Singh1709-1718191-195
Wu Tang1701-1709187-191

Players : Men of Iron

204-current1737-currentCharles Hurst
191-2031709-1736Bobby Gurley
1901707-1708Dylan Hasman
170-1821667-1692Mike Stafford

Last updated: 6 November 2004

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