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  • Náhuatl: popōca 'it smokes', tepētl 'mountain' - Smoking Mountain.

In Méxica mythology, Popocatépetl was a warrior who loved Iztaccíhuatl. Her father sent him to war in Oaxaca, promising him his daughter as his wife if he returned (which Iztaccíhuatl's father presumed he would not). Iztaccíhuatl was told her lover was dead and she died of grief. When he returned, he in turn died of grief over losing her. The gods covered them with snow and changed them into mountains. Iztaccíhuatl's mountain was called "White Woman" because it bears a resemblance to a woman lying on her back. He became the volcano Popocatépetl, raining fire on Anáhuac in blind rage at the loss of his beloved.


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