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Ship-based Point-Defense

Point-defense systems defend own ship against incoming threats such as shipkiller missiles or fighters detected by active sensors or passive sensors. In addition to data provided by the main sensor arrays, most point defense systems also utilize dedicated sensors to acquire targets - this provides a fallback mode in the event of the main sensor array, main comp or the neural web communication conduits being crippled.

The point-defense weapon and its sensors are embedded in the shipskin. The boat bay doors are protected by short-range point-defense systems.

Types of point-defense system include:

The point-defense of individual ships can be co-ordinated by battlecast interlock.

Land-based Point Defense

Most Imperial Army vehicles are fitted with point-defense systems to detect and destroy incoming missiles or to acquire and neutralize enemy guns.

Imperial Marines are equipped with the Whipsaw SSW which can be used in a point-defense mode.


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