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This page highlights a number of actions that may have unfortunate consequences. Some merely entail hazards that under some circumstances you may wish to risk.

Check for any campaign specific rule modifications and special rules your GM has implemented. Whilst most campaigns utilize the basic rules, some of those rules are optional. Always check with your GM.

Command Control Radius


Email, Read Forums on occasion, Read newsfaxes, uhm maybe even make a phone call.

  • LOTE can be played by sitting in the closet or it can be played out on the field. It's my hope that more and more folks choose to take the field of LOTE so to speak. There are times and games when your in the backwater or you just are not up to it. That's cool, but this is a LONG game to be quiet for years on end.
  • When was the last time you heard from your neighbor?
  • Have you ever heard from your neighbor?
  • What about your enemy in a specific game? Those are probably more fun.
  • What about your Primate?

If the answers to those questions is, I never hear from my Primate, I never hear from X neighbor. Primate: I didn't even know there was a primate for my religion.

For LOTE to work its a decent idea to at least stay in touch with the nearby nations. It doesn't have to be a 10 minute write up each turn, but how about a "how you doing" once every couple of turns or so. There is a person on the other end wondering and coming up with wild ideas. Your nation may look pretty tasty if no reply is ever heard from or no messages ever come forth. That juicy region nearby with 3 possible people DPing it. Why not work something simple out, someone or both of the others might not even care if 'you' get it.

That sounds so dumb, so simple, so easy.

Scheming up ideas in an email near you.
JJ Martell


Building Troops

  • In addition to building national troops, the nation may also raise and equip levies for its various Full Allied Leaders and their regions. Such troops become the property of the Full Allied Leader and only that Full Allied Leader may command them henceforth. Existing national troops may also be given to a Full Allied Leader, whereupon they too become Allied troops and can only be commanded by that Full Allied Leader.
  • Units can be transferred to the command of a Feudal or Full Ally. Units must be transferred from a Leader to a Leader, and this can occur at any time during the turn.
    • If the Ally is of a different Religion to the Nation, the number of units is halved.
    • If the Ally speaks a different Language to the Nation, the number is halved again.
    • Transferred units are treated henceforth as units of the Ally to which they are given, save that if units given to a Feudal Ally are lost in battle they are not regenerated as part of the Feudal Ally’s army. Units can be specifically built for Full Allies, without suffering any reduction.

Excel Order Forms

See Filling out a Lords Excel Orders Form.

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