Persian Empire, Safavid

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Foundation: 1657-date (T165-date)

  • Semnan in Khurasan
  • Bukhara in Turkmen

Religion: Sunni Islam

By Rob Pierce, updated by Martin Helsdon


Previously known as the Persian Empire of Bokhara, and before that the Avar-Persian Empire of Bokhara. Persia has been a traditional ally of Sweden, but has only occasionally taken direct action on behalf of the Swedes against Swedish nemesis Denmark. The country suffered a relatively brief, but costly, civil war known as the Time of Troubles (1693-1698). One general from that civil war gathered numerous troops and the entire Persian navy, and sailed south to establish Yasarid India reintroducing Islam to the subcontinent.

Warning! This is not the historical Safavid Persian Empire. See [1] for an account of the real Safavids.

The History:

The Safavid Persian Empire has been in continuous existence in Campaign 1 since about turn 104 (ca 1986). It was formerly known as the Avar Khanate of Bukhara and later the Avar-Persian Empire.

Persia is a Sunni Islamic nation of somewhat over 20 million, occupying substantial portions of Central Asia and the Persian Gulf region. The pink sections of the picture to the left represent areas currently enjoying the benefits of inclusion in the Persian control structure. Persia works tirelessly to bring her wealth and enlightenment to those not currently enjoying these benefits.

NewsFax Entries

Safavid Persian Newsfax Entries


  • Safi Bahram 1751-date
  • Safi Nusayr 1745-1751
  • Safi Jehan 1739-1745
  • Safi Miranshah 1698-????
  • Tuat Maqrizi 1677-1698
  • Tuat Hasan 1657-1677


  • T165-date (1657-date) John Thomson



Last updated: 12 January 2005

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