Papacy of the Roman Catholic Church

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Foundation:1447-date (T91-date)

  • Rome (1719-Date)
  • Nantes (1705-1719)
  • St. Michael's in the Azores (from ???? to 1701)

Religion: Roman Catholic (Primacy)

By Rob Pierce & Graham Donald, updated by Martin Helsdon.


Also known as both the Azorean Papacy and the Church Spiritual. The Pope of the Roman Catholic Church is the spiritual leader of Catholic adherents around the world. By the 17th century, Catholic nations dominated America and Africa, remained strong in Europe despite Hussite pressures, and had a significant foothold in Asia. This great success in the spread of the faith also proved to make a unified Catholic policy more difficult to advance since the Catholic nations had fewer common goals of their own.

The Papacy's greatest foes have been the Hussite church, championed by the Danish Empire, and the Aztec Catholic church, championed by the Aztec Empire. Although the Pope and Denmark have always been arch enemies, they have had few major conflicts after the Papal heirarchy moved to the Azores from Rome in ????. The Pope and Azteca have repeatedly struggled for control of the Catholic church ever since Azteca was converted to Catholicism in the 1400s. The two Catholic churches were loosely unified in ????, but that unity collapsed when the Pope supported New Granada's involvement in the War of the Aztec Succession (1649-1662) on behalf of the cowed Aztec Senate. The Emperor siezed the assets of the Papacy in Azteca and reinstated the Aztec Catholic Church in 1659 (T166).

The militant state of New Granada is a result of the division of the Catholic church into "spiritual" and "militant" halves in 1615. Prior to the split, the church tended to downplay it's spiritual leadership and instead used the tithes from the faithful to support it's military strength in South America. Political leaders had begun to feel that the church was competing with them for territory rather than aiding them in spreading the faith. With the division, the Knights continued their political rule over church lands, and the Papacy could concentrate on religious matters.

The late 1600s found the Papacy fighting to prevent the loss of Lybia to the Hussite church. The effort ultimately failed, but it left such animosity in the Lybian leadership that they invaded and destroyed St. Michael's in the Azores in 1701. The Papal seat of power subsequently moved to the Atlantic coast of the European mainland and finally returned to Rome in 1719.


In 1701 (T187) Hussite Lybia successfully assaulted St. Michael's in the Azores and razed the city. The vast majority of the population of the island, including Pope Alexander VIII and the entire College of Cardinals, were butchered to death in a frenzy of Hussite mania. The Lybian royal historian Al'Ra'uman details the events that led to the assault in a historical piece published in late 1716 (T194).

Several attempts (T191-T193?) by Papal legates to mediate an end the Holy Cross War in Europe were frustrated by the unwillingness of the opposing sides to agree on a division of trading rights and land ownership.

Newsfax Entries

The Pontiffs

  • Benedict the XIVth 1758-Date
  • Clement the XIIth 1732-1758
  • Innocent the XIIIth 1710-1732
  • Clement the XIth 1703-1710

Interregnum 1701-1702

  • Alexander the VIIIth 1694-1701
  • Innocent the XIth 1685-1694
  • Clement the IXth 1668-1685
  • Alexander the VIIth 1648-1668
  • Innocent the Xth 1640-1648
  • Urban the VIIIth 1634-1640
  • Gregory the XVth 1615-1634
  • Clement the VIIIth  ????-1614

Unknown Pontiffs ????-15??

  • Pius the IIIrd 1494-????
  • Anthony the IVth 1481-1494
  • Anthony the IIIrd 1474-1481
  • Anthony the IInd 14??-1474

Unknown Pontiffs ????-14??

Editors Note: There are anomalies in the Papal name list as it stands, there is a direct jump from Innocent the XIth to Innocent the XIIIth without there being an Innocent the XIIth, similarly there is no Clement the Xth.

The Players

  • T198-Date (1725-Date) Rick Ludowese
  • T197 (1723-1724) Open
  • T189-T196 (1705-1720) Dave Nardone
  • T187-T188 (1701-1704) Open
  • T183-T186 (1693-1700) Bill Murphy
  • T???-T182 (????-1692) Bill Burch
  • T175-T??? (1677-????) Open
  • T162-T174 (1651-1676) Lisa Bond
  • T156-T161 (1640-1650) Brian McCue
  • T???-T156 (????-1640) Open

Last updated: 10 April 2005

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