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Foundation: 1767-date
Capital: Bergen in Hordaland
Religion: Roman Catholic

By Martin Helsdon


A re-colonisation of Norway following the retreat of the Ice.

The History:

Still to be written.

NewsFax Entries

1767–1768 T219
Swedish-Russia: Rather more dispute and discussion followed the Foreign Office introducing a bill calling for the recognition of a new free-state called ‘Overstjord’ based around the settlement at Bergen in old Norway. Hemming and hawing followed, before most of the Senators were mollified by the Overstjordanes acknowledging Imperial suzerainty.

Overstjord: Granted autonomy in western Scandia and given free rein to resettle the abandoned lands, the township of Bergen (previously the site of a failed Nörsktrad colony), and now reoccupied by landless men and women from England, Germania and Poland. The Mayor, now in charge of a steadily expanding settlement – a Swedish agricultural engineer named Nielsen had taken charge of an aggressive project to clear the rivers of dead logs, to re-open the roads and help reestablish the network of farm steadings abandoned with the onset of the Ice – signed a mutual defense treaty with Sweden and endured a stream of nosy Danish embassies, checking for “cults, secret societies, Shriners and pickle salesmen.”

1769-1770 T220
Overstjord: The chill realities of living at the edge of the ice beset the Overstjordans and they were quick to take axe and saw to the forests of Hordaland, trying to clear enough land to support themselves. A stout new fleet of herring-boats was put to sea as well, for the cold seas off Norway were thick with fish. Inland, doughty and warmly-dressed surveyors picked their way through the mountains, seeking the best path to lay a metalled road into Norway itself. The Mayor's son Lars had business beyond the mountains…

A scouting expedition into Fjordane did not return, leading to talk of ill omens, giants and other foul creatures of the Ice. Lar's expedition into Norway was better equipped, however, as the young oligarch was accompanied by over a thousand ski-riflers and the cities' two zeppelins. His journey to the eastern sea - indeed, he made it all the way to the Ice-choked Gulf of Finland - was harrowing and epic and filled with disappointment. A few scattered Saami tribes acknowledged his presence and the Mayor's writ in the north, but no one had anything of value. Oslo, Alfskrona and Stockholm were empty, overgrown ruins - fit only for wild beasts.

Reclaiming the north would be a mighty task!

The Mayors

  • Preben Overgaard 1767-

The Player

  • Whitney Dunn T219-
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