Nisei Shogunate, Hideyoshi

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Foundation: 1671-date (T172-date)
Capital: ??? (in Dakota)
Religion: Shinto

By Rob Pierce


The Hideyoshi Nisei Shogunate was born out of the Emperor Amaratshin Takauji's Lemhi Accord which brought a swift close to the Azuchi clan's attempt to wrest control of the Shogunate from the Tokugawa clan. The Accord split the Nisei shogunate in three: the Azuchi shogunate would control the northern spoils of the ongoing Great Northern War against the Tatars; the Tokugawa were to regain control of the central and southern regions; and the Hideyoshi clan were to control the eastern plains. All in the name of the Emperor.

The History:

Still to be written.

The Shogun

  • Hideyoshi Kejin 1671-date


  • T172-date (1671-date) Chris Baldwin

Last updated: 25 October 1997 (T190 - 1708)

© 1997 Robert Pierce

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