Nisei Shogunate, Azuchi

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Foundation: 1670-1710 (T171-T191)
Capital: Capital: Sakata?
Religion: Religion: Shinto

By Rob Pierce


The Great Northern War had berely begun when when two generals, Azuchi Kuma and Azuchi Humara Chen, were given nearly complete command of the armies of the (Tokugawa) Nisei Shogunate. Rather than lead these troops against the Tatars, they led those troops in rebellion against the ruling Tokugawa clan (T171). Emperor Amaratzhin Takauji swiftly brought the parties together the following year in what is now known as the Lemhi Accord (T172). In that agreement the Azuchi surrendered much of the southern territories back to the Tokugawa in return for Azuchi control of any Tatar conquests.

Details between T172 and T186 still to be written.

Beginning in 1700 (T186) inhabitants of the most extreme north regions began abandoning those regions for points south, remarking ominously that "the northland was death to men". By 1710 (T191) the Azuchi populace had completely abandoned the northlands en-masse as the cold and ice continued to creep further south. The Azuchi people sailed south to settle in the Nisei Republic.

The History:

Still to be written.

The Shogun

  • Matsunaga Kusinaga 1707-1710
  • Matsunaga Nobura 1699-1706
  • Azuchi Agato 1695-1699
  • Azuchi Yoyen 1691-1695
  • Azuchi Kuma 1670-1691


  • T190-T191 (1707-1710) (open)
  • T189 (1705-1706) Tyler Jones
  • T188 (1703-1704) (open)
  • T172-T187 (1671-1702) David Nardone
  • T171 (1669-1670) (open)

Last updated: 7 February 1998 (T192 - 1712)

© 1998 Robert Pierce

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