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Foundation: 1657-date (T165-date)

  • New Granada in Acroa (from 1731)
  • New Hiquito in Caquetio (to 1731)

Religion: Roman Catholic

By Rob Pierce, updated by Martin Helsdon


By the early Seventeenth Century the Roman Catholic Church was a significant factor in world politics, and a lightning rod for political disputes with its fellow Catholic nations around the world. The leaders of the Catholic nations began to find themselves increasingly competing with the church for territory, rather than cooperating with the church on matters of religion. In 1615, a summit was held, and, by the vote of the attending cardinals, the Church was split in two - a religious branch led by the Pope (the Church Spiritual), and a political branch led by the Grand-Master of the Order of the Knights of St. John (a.k.a. the Teutonic Knights, the Church Militant). The political branch is known today as the Kingdom of New Granada and retains very close ties with the Papacy.

In 1731 (T201) this heavily slave-dependent country suffered an anti-slavery anti-Catholic anti-establishment revolt that started in Timbira and quickly spread. With much of the leadership abroad ambitious underlings also took this opportunity to seize control of the government, though this fared badly. The end result was a three way division of the country: the Catholic (but Lencolar-friendly) Kingdom of Caquetio in the northwest, the Lencolar slave-led People's Republic of Zion in the north, and the rump Catholic slave-holding Kingdom of New Granada in the south.

The History:

Still to be written.

NewsFax Entries

New Granadan Newsfax Entries

Grand-Masters of the Knights of Saint John

  • Eluterio Gafard de Masa 1767-date
  • Humphrey of Toron, Regent for Eluterio Gafard de Masa 1749-1767
  • Nicholas Gafard de Masa 1742-1749
  • Samuel Mendez de Montoya 1732-1742
  • Antonio Montoya 1707-1731
  • Gafard Masa Sfortza 1681-1707
  • Antonio Masa Sfortza 1664-1681
  • Alfonso Diaz 1661-1664
  • Porfiro Diaz 1652-1661
  • Roderigo Diaz 1634-1652
  • Bartolomew Diaz 1615-1634


  • T190-date (1707-date) Corey House
  • T189 (1705-1706) (open)
  • T186-T188 (1699-1704) Corey House
  • T177-T185 (1681-1698) (unknown)
  • T172-T176 (1671-1680) Doug Kooi
  • T169-T171 (1665-1670) Steve Ashorn
  • T156-T168 (1639-1664) Kurt Fangmeier
  • T155 (1637-1638) (Open)
  • T150-T154 (1627-1636) Logan Vanderlinden
  • T149 (1625-1626) (Open)
  • T144-148 (1615-1624) Robert Orman

Last updated: 31 January 2005

© 2004 Robert Pierce, Graham Donald & Martin Helsdon

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