New Cordoba, Emirate of

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Foundation: 1447-1494 (T91-T102)Dead.gif
Capital: ???
Religion: Islam

By Rob Pierce


An Islamic country in southeastern North America.

The History:

Still to be written.

NewsFax Entries:

1491-1494 T102
Papacy: The Pope returned to his semi-comatose state, which was just the wrong thing to do this turn... On the fourth of March, 1494, a fleet appeared off of the Azores and bore down upon the islands and the great city of Saint Michael's. On the tenth, 18,000 Moslem warriors and a great quantity of siege equipment disgorged from the fleet and the Bey of Kn'Yan placed the flag of New Cordoba upon the sandy soil of the Azores - claiming the land in the name of his master, the Caliph, and declaring the intent of the Aztec Axis to show this pretender Pope just what was what! The siege lasted five months before the New Cordobans retired in disarray, finding the defences of Saint Michael's far stronger than they had expected, and sailed off to the east.

The excitement of the fighting, however, had been enough to exhaust Anthony IVth - and he passed away of an unguent. Seeing that the whole of Chistenden was under imminent threat, a swift election was held and Cardinal Aremoc deBastogne (an Incan) was elected to the Seat of Peter as Pius the Third. He swore that revenge would be effected against the Cordobans and their Aztec masters...

The Emirs

  • unknown 1447-1494

The Players

  • T100-T102 (1483-1494) Dave Smith
  • T99 (1479-1482) (open)
  • T98 (1475-1478) (unknown; no ISI list)
  • T95-T97 (1463-1474) (open)
  • T94 (1459-1462) (unknown; no ISI list)
  • T93 (1455-1458) (open)
  • T91-T92 (1447-1454) (unknown; no ISI list)

Last updated: 14 October 2002

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